How To Use & Clone Xmpro Demos For Your Own Use

Welcome to our XMPro tutorial on leveraging our wide range of demo applications! In this video, we guide you through the process of understanding, accessing, and cloning various demos that...


Welcome to our XMPro tutorial on leveraging our wide range of demo applications! In this video, we guide you through the process of understanding, accessing, and cloning various demos that... now the reason why you are seeing so

many options in here is what we did is

we loaded all these examples these are

examples that we put in here that we've

configured previously

for other customers other partners or

just some scenarios to to help explain

some of the things that we've

we've put together it's also used as a

starting point

so for instance if you go into any one

of these so let's say you go to the heat

exchanger one over here

and you like the look and feel of this

app you have access to it you'll see

it's got live data coming through it's

got recommendations here it's got a

chart down the bottom let's say you like

it and you want to use this app and just

extend it and add onto it you can do


how you do that is you see the pencil

over here

you click the edit every single one of

you has read read access to this which

means you can click the pencil what that

means is you'll be able to open the app

but you can't edit it that means you

can't break it so don't don't worry

about well I don't want to go into these

in case I break it or you know make a

change you can't do that

if it's published it can't be edited

however you can actually have a look at

how it was configured so for instance

you can see the yellow has

um around the box that tells me there's

a data source on it if I click that box

and I go to the properties you can see

okay so there's my data source which is


I can go to the page date and I can see

well there is my Fields that's in the

data source click the pencil

and the pencil will actually show you

and tell you okay so it's getting it

from that data stream so smart assets

that data stream so now you can go into

the data stream and you can do the same

thing here

you can go into for instance smart


and you can see there is the data stream

you have access to the data stream as

well and you can see there is the data

stream that is actually being used to

pass data through to this particular app

so you can see if I double click this

and it looks very similar to what you

configured this is just using the event


a broadcast so we can run

recommendations if you do the end-to-end

training it'll show you the Run


um and walk through that for you what

you'll see here we're only looking for

one record so I want one end one record

at a time cash per entity and you'll see

asset number is my identifier in here

so you have access to these as well

again read access

once you get comfortable we can give you

right access to to these as well the

other reason why you've got access to

these is you don't have to create the

sort from scratch

so let's say you actually want to use

part of this app and you want to extend

this app if you go here to the main app

view so how I get there is you can

either scroll left or just close this


so here is the main app you click more

you can see Cloud you can clone the

whole app

you can do that for any of the apps in

here so as an example let's say you go

into the smart

let's go into this example

let's say you you like some of the

things that were in this particular

example and you want to copy it or clone

it or use it let's say

the pump view so let's have a look at

this view here you'll see there's a 2d

there's some live visuals there's all

the data coming down the bottom here

there's a 3D section as well

you want to use this as a starting point


going from there


in this particular view here

to be able to clone it you do the same

thing you click the pencil

and you just go into the Clone section

you can clone the whole app and make

changes to it we've given you access to

a lot of examples because you're a

partner of ours you get access to a few

more things in here so you can clone all

the apps as you want to

you can clone recommendations as well so

on the left you'll see here's

recommendations you can go into there's

a whole bunch of recommendations that

you all have access to as well

same principle applies here you can go

to more and you can clone the

recommendation give it a name that

makes sense to you and then you can play

around with it you can change it see how

it works get comfortable break it delete

it but you can't change the the current

running ones that are there so you don't

have to worry about that

and then the last is obviously the data

streams as well that you also have

access to those that you can clone and

use those from from that perspective the

intent is this is to help you create and

configure apps to get out of the gate

pretty quickly these are not production



uh you know ready samples if I can call

it that so you can't really take one of

these and go put it into production at a


it's not their intent their intent is to

show you different capabilities

um and and what you can actually work

through and configure

um and go through yeah

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