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Are you interested in taking the XMPro Application Development Platform for a test drive? Visit this link to request a 90-day free account with no credit card required to get started.

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What's Included in the Free Trial

During the free trial, you will get access to the full suite of XMPro Products along with:

Please get in touch with support if you require additional Agents and Connectors unavailable in your trial account.

You will need to upgrade your XMPro Free Account to a paid subscription to continue using the services after your trial period expires. Read the free trial terms and conditions for more details.

Explore The Demo Use Case

Your free trial account includes a pre-built demo use case, which includes a Data Stream, App and Recommendation focused on solving a specific business problem.

In this scenario, a renewable energy company wants to move from a planned maintenance schedule to condition-based maintenance for their assets across multiple plants.

There is a Data Stream to:

  • Simulate real-time telemetry data for the assets

  • Combine it with contextual data from a SQL database

  • Check whether the data exceeds certain thresholds

  • Run recommendation rules

  • Publish data to an XMPro App

We've also created an App to provide the energy company's engineers with decision support for their new condition-based maintenance program.

The App provides them with:

  • A map view of all their assets at their various plants

  • The remaining useful life for assets that require maintenance in the next 14 days

  • Recommendation alerts when specific assets exceed certain thresholds

If you drill down into a specific asset, you will see:

  • Live telemetry data such as bearing vibration and temperature for different components

  • Live wind speed and gearbox oil level visualizations

  • Operational safety intelligence information to prevent safety incidents during maintenance

  • The effective utilization score for this specific asset

In this scenario, XMPro will generate a recommendation alert when:

  • Gearbox oil viscosity for a wind turbine goes above 75

  • Oil level reaches a low threshold

Next Steps

This demo use case demonstrates how you can use the XMPro Platform to build a real-time application in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create Data Streams to integrate your data sources & orchestrate the data flow

  2. Design visualizations for a real-time view of your operations

  3. Create prescriptive recommendations that trigger when critical events happen

Once you're done exploring the demo, you can start building your first End-To-End Use Case by following this detailed tutorial.

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