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Bar Gauge

This Block allows you to display data in the format of a Bar Gauge. The Bar Gauge includes several circular bars that each indicate a single value. Bar Gauges are useful for displaying and visualizing numeric values within a certain range.

Bar Gauge Properties


Common Properties

The visibility property is common to most Blocks;
Options that are specific to Bar Gauges include the ability to change the title, font color, bar spacing, and the visibility and format of the label.


This is the text that shows on top of the Bar Gauge.

Font Color

This changes the color of the text above the Bar Gauge.

Bar Spacing

This determines how much space there is between each bar. This can only be seen if there are multiple values on the Bar Gauge.


The visibility of the label can be toggled. To display the data in a different format, the format property can also be changed. Options for this include (but are not limited to) displaying the data as a currency, decimal, fixed point, percent, or time.


Common Properties

The disabled property is common to most Blocks;

Start Range and End Range

The start and end range define the boundaries of where the values of the Bar Gauge should start and end.


Common Properties

The values property is common to most Blocks;
Multiple values can be entered into the Bar Gauge. When multiple values are visible, multiple bars appear.