Color Selector

The Color Selector lets the user select from a range of colors using the selector dropdown. Once the user selects the color, the hex value of the color is displayed in the input box. This is a useful tool for the user to select colors visually.

Color Selector Properties


Common Properties

The Color Selector has properties that are common to most Blocks: visible, styling mode, tooltip, placeholder, and clear buttons;


Common Properties

Common options for the behavior include read-only and disabled.

Apply Value Mode

When the use buttons option is selected, the user has to select from the OK or Cancel buttons at the bottom of the color picker.

Accept Custom Value

If this is enabled, the user will be able to type in or copy and paste their own hex value into the input box. If this is disabled, this will not be possible and the user can only select a color from the dropdown.


Common Properties

The value property is common to most Blocks;
The value determines the starting color for the Color Selector. Only a sequence of characters that are equal to a known hex color will be accepted.


Common Properties

Properties that are common to most Blocks include: Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;
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