The Unity Block can display data that is received via the Data Source and it is interactive by configuring the Action on the Button or any other component that has that option to update the Data Source.
This Block only supports Unity 2020 and above and Unity WebGL content is not currently supported on mobile devices.
For Unity 2019 use the Unity (Legacy) Block.

Model Interaction

You can interact with models that have been designed in Unity to be interacted with, by using the controls/events that the model was designed to use.

Unity Properties


Common Properties

The visibility property is common to most Blocks;

Loading Bar Image

This property gives the user an option to upload an image that will be displayed on top of the loading bar.
The default option is the Unity logo and the loading bar.

Loading Bar Color

This will change the color of the default bar to the selected color.


Here we need to configure the Unity control. All files come from the Unity build itself.

Code File

Select the Unity web assembly code file.
The Code File property is required for the Unity Block.

Data File

Select the Unity data file.
The Data File property is required for the Unity Block.

Framework File

Select the Unity framework file.
The Framework File property is required for the Unity Block.
For more details on how to upload or manage files, see the Manage App Files article.

Data Source

Common Properties

A Data Source is used to send data to the Unity Block. Properties that are common to most Blocks include: filter, sort, show # of results, and skip # of results;