Metablocks elevates the performance of Applications by loading Blocks asynchronously, i.e. large files can be loaded in the background without hindering the initial page load time. This ensures that users can interact with primary content while additional components loaded dynamically.

Key Features

Support different web technologies

Metablocks unlocks development in web technologies compatible with Webpack, a leading static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications, meaning that Metablocks can be easily incorporated into development workflows leveraging Webpack for managing assets, scripts, and dependencies.

Improved security posture

Metablocks empowers architects and administrators to fortify the security of their Applications. They can opt out of specific Blocks that rely on libraries that are not updated frequently for new vulnerabilities. This proactive approach maintains the overall integrity of the Application by minimizing potential attack vectors.

Improved App Designer performance

By compartmentalizing block dependencies into individual Metablocks, App Designer performance undergoes a significant boost. This modular approach optimizes dependency management, resulting in quicker load times and smoother operation while designing Applications.

Current Capability

The Unity and Unity (Legacy) Blocks are now available to designers as either the original or a Metablock - if Metablocks has been installed and an administrator has turned on the site setting.

The difference is imperceptible to both designers and users, with performance improvements being the sole discernible difference.

Future Capabilities

Metablocks is poised to evolve with additional features and enhancements.

Designers will gain the autonomy to develop their own custom Metablocks, facilitating the integration of preferred visualizations currently unsupported.

System Administrators will have the capability to manage Metablocks, seamlessly incorporating new ones while retiring others that are redundant. This capability ensures that Applications can evolve, adapting to new requirements or changes in functionality


In essence, Metablocks embodies a versatile, secure, and performance-centric solution tailored for developing applications featuring resource-intensive visualizations.

Its innovative design fosters agility, resilience, and scalability, positioning it as an indispensable asset in modern application development endeavors.

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