Date Selector

Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;In scenarios where the user should select a date, the date selector is an input field that gives the user the option to do so. When they open the drop-down arrow, the Date Selector shows a calendar format where they can easily and visually see the dates of the year.

Data Selector Properties


Common Properties

You can change the visibility, styling mode, placeholder, and tooltip.

Adaptive Behavior

For some screen sizes, the date picker may not fit across the screen. If enabled, this allows the box to be displayed in a different format, for example, the date box is displayed without the large analog clock and uses a digital clock instead. This is useful for smaller devices such as mobile or IPads.


Common Properties

The disabled property is common to most Blocks;


This specified the format of the date. The options are date, time, or date and time.

Picker Type

This specifies the way the calendar or clock is displayed to the user. Options for this include default, calendar, list, rollers, or native.

List Interval

Specifies the intervals between the date or time options on the list.

Show Analog Clock

Specifies whether or not the analog clock is displayed.


Common Properties

The value property is common to most Blocks;


Common Properties

Properties that are common to most Blocks include: Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;