How To Use Text Area Xmpro App Designer Toolbox

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the text area block in the XMPRO App Designer.

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In this video, you’ll learn how to use the text area block in the XMPRO App Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO apps? Send an email to

Go to welcome to another training video from

XM Pro today we will look at the text

area control in app designer and how to

use it so in the tool box you will find

that there is a control called text area

you would use this when you want to

capture an input from the user

which is more than one lung this control

is very similar to the text box but the

basic difference is that you're able to

capture multi-line input from the user

now how to use it is very easy you

simply have to drag it across all I'll

put a field here and then drag a new

texture here inside it and that's it now

you have a text area control if you look

at its configuration options starting

with appearance we have a few options

like visible which basically just says

if the control should be visible or not

then there is minimum height and maximum

height that is if you want to give it

some height like 100 or a minimum height

of 50 what that will do is that it will

always have if that amount of height

minimum height mean that will never be

smaller than that and maximum height

means no matter how much content it has

its height will not grow beyond 100

pixels if it has more content it will

display a scroll bar but the hike will

stay static similarly we have outlining

mode where you have three options and

you would have noticed that this adding

mode option is there with many of our

controls basically what it does is if I

take the gridlines off from here you

will be able to quickly see the

difference the star this control is

stalled without line the next one is

underlined so that is just a stall and

then the last one is using the filled

stall and you can see three different

styles of the control being rendered

and then if we continue huh you will see

we have an option to put placeholder

that is if that if the control is empty

and there is no text inside it

um this placeholder will be displayed

and you can see that it is displaying it

on that then we have a tooltip which is

very obvious that when I use it will

hover over the control the texan built

it will be displayed then in behavior we

have an option to specify max length

which is basically number of characters

user should be allowed to enter in this

text area and if they use it tries to

type more than that um he won't be

allowed lastly we have standard options

like read-only and disabled and to

finish it off we have a spell check

which basically tells the browser if the

text that is entered inside should be

spell checked or not now how does this

look so if I save my app and launch it

you will be able to see those three

stalls also the text being displayed in

them and for example and this one you

you see that there's no text but the

placeholder is being displayed if I try

to type in you we had put a 50 character

limit you will see that it's not letting

me type more than that now if I go back

I only provided static values for these

controls at the moment and you can see

they have been specified there but if I

wanted to specify a dynamic value I can

do that by first of all I will have to

put the control inside a container which

has a data source attached to it for

example I have this container here a

data repeater and it has a data source

attached any control that is inside that

container can use a dynamic value and to

do that you just have to change the


option here - dynamic and then you can

bind it to any of the options that are

being sent to you by your data source

for example if I want to bind it to

history I can do that and then when this

app will run it will actually display

the value coming from my data source so

that was a quick video on how to use

textarea control in app designer thank

you for watching

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