How To Use The Button Xmpro App Designer Toolbox

In this video, you’ll learn how to configure buttons in the XMPRO App Designer.

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Go to if you...


In this video, you’ll learn how to configure buttons in the XMPRO App Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO apps? Send an email to

Go to if you... welcome to another training video from

Exim Pro today we will be looking at the

button control and how to use it in app

designer bedroom control falls under the

category called action these controls

allow you to set up navigation from one

page to another let's say I want to

navigate from this landing page to a

details page I can achieve that by using

a button so I'll drag some layout

controls first and then I'll put a

button inside there let me also just

center alignment now let's see what

options I have for this button control

in appearance I have a few styling

options like if this button should only

display text you will notice that the

button effect will go away

oh they should just have an outline you

can give it a border around it but there

will be no background to it and lastly

the default option which is the buttons

of which has so some more effects to it

that is for the styling you can also

choose a type which is which can be

either the default one or you can give

it a success or failure color color like

marking it Ranger will make it red

marking its success will make it green

or you can just keep it as normal you

can also choose text it should have

like that and their further options like

tooltip and if the control should be

visible or not the last option in

appearance is also that you can choose

an icon for it for example if I choose

library you can upload an icon but if

you want you can use the standard

library that that's available and

that'll put an icon for you we are still

not configured its action which we will

do now in action there is an option to

configure the navigation which basically

tells what should happen when the user

clicks on this button so I wanted to

navigate to an another page which is

asset details page now these navigation

options have been covered in detail in

the hyperlink video and you can always

go through that one so I'll skip some of

the details to keep this video short if

I save this and launch the app you'll

see I have a flick button which takes me

to this details page if I go back to my

landing page I can edit it a bit more

and this time what I will do is I will

try and pass a parameter from this page

to the next one and let's say the

parameter I want to pass comes from my

data source so I have a box here or a

container data repeater which is bound

to add a source if I want and as part of

my vacation to send a parameter I can do

that by clicking on the button and going

to its properties and choosing a page

which is accepting a parameter and in

there you'll see that I will have an

option to map those parameters I can

either map them by providing a static

value or choose one which is available

in my data source like any of these so

let's say I choose my asset ID and I

apply it

and I also apply the same acid idea over

there now when I launch this app and I

click on you can see that there it has

loaded that acid and I click on this

it'll take me to the page which displays

that as an ID over there which will

received as a parameter lastly looking

at the button and it's different options

you'll see we have a validation option

which will be discussed in detail in the

song video but in summary it allows you

if to validate a form so if there was a

form on this screen and you want certain

controls to be required etc you can add

that validation and before this button

actually navigates it will check if all

those controls are valid valid or not

similarly you have some behavior options

where you can disable it or choose if

the controller should be focusing all

via keyboard navigation so this was how

to use a button controller thank you so

much for watching

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