History: Timeline

Changes to a Data Stream are recorded and stored in the database so that the user can view a history of any changes made by themselves or others. This can therefore be used as a collaboration tool to see the changes users make (even if it's only a single user), as well as notes about things that need to be addressed.

These changes can be viewed from the canvas by clicking on the “Timeline” button. Every time an event occurs, it will be added to a timeline in the form of a block, displaying the following:

  1. The time and date the change occurred.

  2. The name of the person that made the change.

  3. The area where the change was made, for example, “Agent”.

  4. The description of the change.

Adding Notes

Most of the items added to the timeline are added by the system itself, for example, if the version of the Stream increased or if someone changed a setting or configuration of one of the Agents. However, it might occasionally be needed to add additional notes to the timeline.


Filtering can be applied to the timeline, based on the type of events logged, for example, changes that are made to Agents or version numbers that have been increased. Each type that filtering can be applied on is named after the element on which the change was made. The types of events that filtering can be applied on are as follows:

  • Agent

  • Attributes

  • Canvas

  • Configure

  • Note

  • Publish

  • Share

  • Tag

  • Unpublish

  • Version

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