How To Prioritise Processes

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How to Prioritise Processes

Posted on April 28, 2011 by Pieter van Schalkwyk

There are a number of approaches based on the culture and maturity of the organisation and we are currently working on a “Diamond Approach To BPM Projects”. It classifies BPM projects according to four dimensions: novelty, technology, complexity and pace. I’ll post more on this in the next few weeks.

But we still want something simple to guide us in the early phases of the BPM journey. We found that it helps in many cases just to have a list of possible processes. It may sound strange but until it is on an ordered list, we don’t seem to comprehend the scope of what we are trying to achieve with our processes. I’ve used a simple weighting scale based on simple priorities to rank processes for clients as a starting point. The Process Priority Analyser Spreadsheet is a quick way to identify processes with high business impact and low implementation risk to use as first processes.

The spreadsheet is based on ranking processes in four different quadrants:

  • Do Now : Those with high impact and low complexity

  • Plan For : High impact with high complexity

  • Nice to Have : Low impact and low complexity

  • Discard : Low Impact and high complexity

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