Upgrade a Stream Object Version

If an Agent has been updated and you want to use the latest version, you can upgrade the Agent using the top menu to get the latest version. It is beneficial to upgrade the Agent especially if there are known errors for that Agent or if the Agent has been improved and provides more functionalities or settings.

It is recommended that you read the article listed below to improve your understanding of Agents.

Upgrading Agents

To upload a new version of an Agent, you should follow the same steps as when uploading an Agent for the first time. For instructions on how to upload an Agent, see the Manage Agents article. The new version of the Agent will appear in the Versions section of your Agent’s detail page.

The Agents in the toolbox will always be the latest version available; however, the versions of the Agents in your existing Streams will have to be upgraded as this is not done automatically. On the canvas, any Agent that is not the latest version will display its version underneath its icon.

To upgrade the version of an Agent in a stream, open your use case and select the Agent.

  1. Select the Agent

  2. Click “Upgrade

  3. Click "Apply"

  4. Click “Save

The latest version is selected by default and this is the most common action. You can opt to select a different version. This is useful during agent development if you wish to roll back from the current version.

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