Xmpro Ibpms V6 Xmweb For Intelligent Business Operations

This is a short introduction to XMPro and it highlights how XMPro enables intelligent business operations in large and medium organisations.

It is based on a simple example that demonstrates...


This is a short introduction to XMPro and it highlights how XMPro enables intelligent business operations in large and medium organisations.

It is based on a simple example that demonstrates... this is a short introduction video to

exam pro and it highlights how example

enables intelligent business operations

in large and medium organizations

it is based on a typical example that

demonstrates through the three key

elements of intelligent business

operations which processes need to


the first of that being able to handle

unstructured routing which are

rules-based rather than workflow based

so that is the instance where there are

no predefined workflows typically the

scenario of knowledge workers where

based on contextual information

you would decide what the routing is

which leads to the next

point of intelligent business operations

the ability to handle dynamic changes

to the process based on internal and

external contextual information and then

lastly being able to

manage and handle social collaboration

in and around processes

with structured workflow you typically

have a challenge where

social collaboration happens with email

outside of the process management

solution and with xm pro we have built

social collaboration into the process

and that is how we enable intelligent

business operations through xm pro

this is the web interface of xm pro it

is also available in sharepoint

microsoft outlook and also for mobile

devices as you can see we have multiple

login providers social providers so you

can log in with a facebook account


linkedin some line of business

applications like sap if you're on

active directory it'll log you in

through your active directory

credentials but in this instance i'm

going to use a xmpro username and

password-based login so i'm going to

log in as keith miller


keith needs to start the bid management

process within our organization so

there's a new bid control process this

is for a large scale tender and before

we can do that we actually need to put

together a bit committee there's certain

business rules that will dictate how how

the bid will be put together and one of

the dynamic aspects of a bit is as we

gather more information some of the

rules and governance and compliance

requirements may change

so in this instance just as a

from a reference point of view this is

the example user interface these are

things that i can start these are my

to-do lists task cases schedules


tracking i can track

either processes that are in in progress

or completed and we have analytics and

dashboards as well showing a the

performance of each of the processes

if you want more information on xm pro

contact us or one of our partners i'm

going to show you

the request process this is a typical

form that is designed inside

xm pro and it's got dynamic capabilities


based on information in here this may

change it may add or remove certain


so from a

a dynamic and unstructured

point of view we are able to manage

unstructured processes

if you look at this is the web interface

so if you look at the design environment

the design environment is a desktop

application that can be used to author

on-premise and

xm cloud so our hosted cloud environment

xm cloud

to to configure processors on on any of

those so in this instance i'm going to

look at a at that same process i'm going

to look at

the market and sell and i'm going to

look at opportunity management as you'll

see from our

from our representation here this model

is a

there's no flows drawn between any of

this this is just a container the

container is opportunity management of

which bid management is the start of the

process the new bit control process and

from there it can flow to any one of

these there are no predefined flows so

we have a collection of events and i can

add new events

to that in this design environment

without having to build complex

routing logic we have dynamic allocation

logic which will automatically

assist you to raw functionality in

enable in order to do

quite a number of things i'm going to

start opportunity for a new company

called osco we are we would like to

tender on that in this instance what

you'll see is at the moment it doesn't

force me to go to a bid committee if i

put in a value of ten thousand dollars

you'll see that there's still

i still have the option to manually do


the the business rules say that if it's

a new customer there's a certain segment

it's a new technology and it's above a

certain value then

then it will force me to go to a bit

committee if i change that value to


fifty thousand dollars in this example

then it'll automatically

force me to go to a bid committee it

doesn't say that i have to do it right

now but one of the governance and

compliance checks for this process will

be before i can complete the process

that it will be needed to it'll need to

be submitted to a bit

committee date so we'd like to submit

that then and

the information that we're going to

update back to our crm is that we we

think that they are going to buy around

about that time

opportunity assessment i can attach

documents these documents can be stored

in either sharepoint or your document

management system or in a file based


and in this instance i'm just going to

at the the standard x and profile

file based solutions in this instance

i'm just going to upload the assessment

that we have done


osco so that's one of the documents i

can have additional supporting documents

and i can add additional line items as

you can see so we can have header

information line information

multiple lines you can add and remove

i'm not going to add any right there i

can have

questions that need to be completed

in order for this to happen

so as you can see i've uploaded a

document and in this instance i'm going

to send it i have contextual information

i've heard something around osco on the

news and i just want to have a credit

check before we're going to spend all

this money on the setting up a bid

committee and all that

so as a knowledge worker i am not forced

to go in a specific route i'm just going

to ask for a credit check at that point

in time and as you'll see it's now gone

to the finance group so there's three or

four or five people in this finance


that that can act on this so i'm going

to log in as one of the people in the

finance group

and once again i'm just going to use the

xm pro login and i know that mark

smith works in that

group so he's one of five people in a

finance group


it's under market and sell products and


if it's a large list of outstanding

tasks it's quite easy to filter and sort

in large

numbers i i can have a look

at what was

done so before i accept this task for

myself i can have a look at the history

and i can see what was completed in step


and based on that i will assign it to

myself so now it removes it off the rest

of the people in that group and it now

only sits with me

so as you can see from a dynamic point

of view at the moment this is not

reviewed so there's only one option on

the screen

and from also from a controlling

governance point of view we can we can

still make sure that at certain points

only certain steps can happen in this

instance the 50 000 is actually us


and we want to convert from u.s dollars

to australian dollars

and we will use external web service in

this instance so it will convert to 50

000 to a

using that currency exchange rate from

my web service and that is equal to

seven thousand dollars which we need to

submit to our credit guys for credit

approval before we do this as you can

see it's not reviewed yet i'm going to

send it to a credit

uh service and they will come back with

a score

and once again that's the external web

service and that brings back a score of

  1. data integration can be done through

to any line of business application that

has got integration capabilities um to

external web services to sharepoint

lists so from an integration point of

view we have a whole lot as you can see

it's now also changes to a positive

review so now that the credit check has

been done and there's a positive review

for this so i can submit this

and it will now go back

to set up a bid committee this is the

next step that's recommended after the

step after the credit check has been


and i will log in as one of the people

in the bid committee

so i know that tim


one of the bid committee members

and in his

list of tasks to do

we have


bid and it's come through from mark so

once again if he wants to see

the history of that before i do that

i would actually just like

to have a conversation around this so

i'm just going to say





uh and the company was called oscar

and then if on oscar so this is a social

conversation that i'm starting i can do

it with a specific user that is part of

this bit committee group or i can just

send that



know of them

and so this is a message that is

associated with this process now having

a look at this uh i will assign it to

myself so i can once again see the

history i can see how it got to me so if

i look at the history i can see you can

see there's the conversation that i've

just entered into the process i can see

how the from a history perspective how

it got to me and i can say assign that

so now this activity sits with me

and as you can see this opens up a whole

new screen with a whole lot of features

that that supports intelligent business

operations we have covered how we handle

unstructured and dynamic

routing options in here

from a from a

intelligent business operations point of

view you want to enable knowledge

workers to make the best decision and

take the next best action that they can

one of the challenges that you find with

conventional systems is is that you

still have to go off to a third party

application to and look at your bi tools

to understand where you are with this

intelligent business operations features

of of x and pro you can actually embed

the graphs right into your your bi

information right into the step that i

need to do that the the step that i need

to take in here as you can see this is a

assessment of the opportunity the

current opportunity is that green one

over there so in terms of a risk it's a

fairly low risk project and the

probability pretty high and that's the

value so this can dynamically change as

risk information gets entered into

another system this can move the bubble

around so you can see where this project

sit relative to other projects so as

soon as i

looking at who i need to assign this can

have an impact on resource scheduling

which we'll cover over there but there's

still some more information that i would

like to have before i make a decision

and one of those are looking at process

goals so in this example

i can see that my current sales budget i

can see i'm way under in terms of sales

budget and this is the funnel coming out

of the external crm solution it can be

on-premise or cloud-based information

this can be external web feeds it can be


google or bing map with superimposed

points in terms of where vehicles might

be where

aircraft tracking or whatever it is that

you want in terms of of process goals

now process goals span over a process

where this is inside a transaction so

this is specific to this step in the

transaction and this will span across

every single person who is part of this

will drive

to the same outcomes or the same process

goal so you can set certain process goal


in here so that's the those are two of

the components the last component that

we'd like to do is actually to have um

to look at what what is the next best

action so let's have a quick look at

this next best action in this example we

are actually just looking at the number

of times a certain process will follow

on the right hand side we've got legal

review finance and recast and we also

look at based on these certain these

exact same conditions what did people do

with uh in in that specific scenario so

17 people sent it for recasting so

you can build what-if scenarios you can

build a lot more complex next best

actions you can build your business gps

and advise people uh what the next best

action is so the combination of the next

best action the process goals and the

in-flight analytics gives you an

unbelievable opportunity to advise

people on their actions you can do

resource scheduling out of xmpro there's

a whole number of ways to build list

this is for example people

in the existing system

and once again this is a typical


of a intelligent form that you can build

with information from external services

and as you can see the green bubble

in this bubble chart

part of the dynamic component of what xm

pro does this is really just a

short introduction in terms of what it

can do there's a whole lot of other

functionality and i really suggest that

you talk to

either ourselves or one of our partners

to see some of the other functionality

inside xm pro thank you for your time

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