What is XMPro?

XMPro’s Application Development Platform empowers engineers and subject matter experts to build real-time applications without coding. The platform consists of 3 main software components:

XMPro App Designer

A visual page designer that enables you to create custom page designs by dragging blocks from the toolbox onto your page, configure their properties and connect to your data sources, all without having to code.

XMPro Data Stream Designer

A drag-and-drop interface to visually design Data Streams (a streaming data pipeline). Use XMPro Connectors in your Data Streams to bring in real-time data from a variety of sources, add contextual data, apply analytics, and initiate actions based on events in your data.

XMPro Notebook

Harnessing the power of the Jupyter Notebook, XMPro Notebook provides an intuitive and flexible interface for data analysis, scientific computing, machine learning, and more. Users can write and execute code independently, facilitating step-by-step exploration and experimentation with real-time data.

XMPro Connectors

XMPro’s extensible integration library includes 100+ Connectors for industrial automation solutions, IoT platforms, historians, enterprise applications, AI/ML, and collaboration solutions.

Watch The Demo Video

Watch the demo video to see XMPro's platform in action

How The Documentation Is Organized

  • Getting Started - New here? Sign up for a free trial and get started with the End-To-End Use Case sample project.

  • Resources - A goldmine of general articles, such as release news, a sizing guideline, an icon library, and FAQs to elevate your product experience.

  • Concepts - Get detailed explanations of the platform's essential concepts, like Data Streams, Recommendations, Applications, and Connectors.

  • How-To Guides - Follow step-by-step tutorials to help you create Apps and Data Streams.

  • Blocks - Get detailed descriptions of the components you can use to design your App pages and how to configure them.

  • Administration - Find out how to manage users, licenses, and subscriptions in XMPro. This documentation is only relevant to administrators.

  • Installation - Learn how to Install XMPro in a variety of environments. This documentation is only relevant to administrators.

  • Release Notes - Stay up to date on the latest features and bug fixes.

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