The Calendar is a Block that displays a Calendar and allows the user to select the required date within a specified date range. This is useful to use on forms where the user needs to enter a date for a particular field. It is also useful for displaying certain important dates to the user.

Calendar Properties


Common Properties

You can specify if the Calendar is visible, or if tooltips are enabled.

Show Today Button

This specifies if the button that takes the user back to the current date is displayed.

Zoom Levels

This specifies the time frame of selectable dates. Options include month, year, decade, and century.

Min and Max Zoom Levels

This specifies the limit on where the user can zoom in and out of the dates. For example, they can zoom until they reach the page that shows the yearly view, and can only zoom out to see decades.


Common Properties

The read-only and disabled properties are common to most Blocks;

Min and Max

This only lets the user select dates within a limited range.

First Day of the Week

Changes the day of the week that the Calendar starts on.


Common Properties

The Value property is common to most Blocks;
The accepted values for the Calendar include the selected date or time that the user clicks on. This can either be a date, number, or sequence of characters. The Date option will accept the date directly. The number option will accept the date using a timestamp. The string option will accept the date as a sequence of characters provided they are in the correct format:
  • "yyyy-MM-dd" (for example, "2017-03-06")
  • "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss" (for example, "2017-03-27T16:54:48")
  • "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ" (for example, "2017-03-27T13:55:41Z")
  • "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssx" (for example, "2017-03-27T16:54:10+03")

Disabled Dates Data Source

Common Properties

If set to the Dynamic Data Source option, additional options include filtering, sorting, showing a number of results, and skipping a number of results.

Static Items

If a Dynamic Data Source is not used, you can enter key dates to display manually under the Data section.

Dynamic Data Source

This option allows you to connect the control to a specific Data Source such as a database to pull data dynamically. This will give you additional options to sort, filter, show, or skip certain records.


The data allows you to choose a date based on the connected Data Source. This can be configured when using static items for disabled dates Data Sources.


Common Properties

Properties that are common to most Blocks include: Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;