Radio Buttons

The RadioGroup is a UI component that contains a list of options for users to choose from. This is useful if you only want the user to select a single item out of the options in the list.

Radio Buttons Properties


Common Properties

The Radio Button has the option to change its visibility.
An option that is specific to Radio Button includes the ability to change its orientation.


The default value is Vertical which means Radio Buttons will be displayed top to bottom. By changing to Horizontal, the Radio Buttons will be displayed left to right.


Common Properties

The disabled property is common to most Blocks;


This affects the Radio Buttons group to be shown as read-only.


Common Properties

This option is used to select the default value and must match a value from the Data Source.

Data Source

Common Properties

‌A Data Source can be Static or Dynamic. Static values have to be entered manually while Dynamic will get the value from the provided Data Source.
The Data Source property is required for Radio Buttons.

Static Items

If a dynamic Data Source is not used, you can enter key dates to display manually under the Data section.

Dynamic Data Source

This option allows you to connect the control to a specific Data Source such as a database to pull data dynamically. This will give you additional options to sort, filter, show, or skip certain records.


Display Expression

The expression is a user-friendly name for what the user can see. For example, the text that is displayed to the user.
The Display Expression property is required for Radio Buttons.

Value Expression

This is the actual value stored in the background of the application in the code. For example, instead of true or false, it would be 0 or 1.
The Value Expression property is required for Radio Buttons.


Common Properties

Properties that are common to most Blocks include: Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;