Text Area

A Text Area is an input field that allows the user to input a large amount of text. It is an element of a form that is usually used for comments, descriptions, or any other input that requires multiple sentences to be written.

Text Area Properties


Common Properties

The Text Area has the option to change its visibility, styling mode, placeholder, and to show tooltips.
Options that are specific to Text Areas include the ability to change the min and max height of the input field.

Max and Min Height

This specifies the minimum and maximum height and the way in which the Text Area expands.


Common Properties

Common options for the behavior include read-only and disabled.

Max Length

Max Length specifies how many characters are allowed in the input area.


Spellcheck gives you the ability to enable if the text area is checked for spelling errors.


Common Properties

This specifies the starting value of the text area. If left blank, then the starting value of the text area will be empty. The text area can accept any sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols as a value.


Common Properties

Properties that are common to most Blocks include: Navigate To and Show Confirmation Dialog;
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