This Block adds a map to the page. This is useful if you want to show locations to the user, such as where to find something. A Data Source can be connected to the Map to load predefined target locations. The map can then be useful for displaying locations stored in a database.

Map Properties


Common Properties

The visibility property is common to most Blocks;
Options that are specific to maps include the ability to change the latitude, longitude, and zoom level.

Latitude & Longitude

This is the default coordinator location of the Map.


The default zoom amount of the Map.


Common Properties

The disabled property is common to most Blocks;
Some of the properties are visible only when the dynamic mode option is enabled in Markers Data Source.

Use Variables

This allows you to choose between manually entering a value for the Provider API Key or selecting from a static variable.


Google map and Google Static requires Provider API Key and the user needs to provide their own otherwise Google Static will not load and Google map will be shown in development mode. Bing does not require a Provider API Key to show the map.
If the Mode is Google or Google Static, the Provider API Key property is required for the Map.
This specified the provider of the Map. The default provider is Bing and can be changed to Google or Google static. If you have a customized map experience already set up on Google or Bing Maps, you can enter your Provider API Key.


This determines the layout of the map. Options include Roadmap (default), satellite, or hybrid.

Enable Navigation Controls

This determines if the navigation controls on the right-hand side of the map are visible.

Auto-Adjust Position to Markers

This will automatically change the camera position of the map to the area where the markers are.

Show Marker Labels

This determines if the markers of a location are visible. Actions are triggered when you click on a label marker on the Map.

Markers Data Source


This can be changed to either use static items or a dynamic data source. In both cases, markers need to be configured in the Data section. If the static items option is chosen, markers for locations can be entered manually under the Data section. If the dynamic data source option is chosen, marker locations coming from the Data Source can be used.


Markers for locations can be manually added and they will show on the Map. Markers are entered by Longitude and Latitude.


Common Properties

Actions are triggered when you click on a label marker on the map. Actions are only available if the dynamic mode option is enabled in Markers Data Source.
Properties that are common to most Blocks include: navigate to and show confirmation dialog;