How To Use Chart Panes And Axes Xmpro App Designer

In this video, you’ll learn how to configure chart panes and axes in the XMPRO App Designer.

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In this video, you’ll learn how to configure chart panes and axes in the XMPRO App Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO apps? Send an email to

Go to hi and welcome to another training video

from xm pro

this is an advanced video on how to use

the chart

specifically around panes and axes

if you haven't already gone through the

video on how to use the chart i would

recommend going through that first as

this one makes sense without it

so i have here a chart with a couple of


the problem with this chart is that

one of the series has values that are in

the thousands and the other has a series


its values are in the ones so you can't

really see enough detail

how we're going to fix this is we're

going to add another axis

to add an axis go to the axis section

and then press

plus on the y-axis we can add

wattage and we can leave all of these

we'll get back to these later

then we can go into the series in under


and change the y-axis

from default to wattage

and now we can see how this looks

we have two axes on the left one is the

wattage and one

is the default axis however

it's difficult to tell which is which

so what we can do with that

is change position of the wattage axis

to right

and that will move the wattage axis onto

the right side

so now we have an axis on the left and

axis on the right

but we're still not quite sure which is


so for these axes we can we can give

them a title

and then we can see which axis is which

so we have motor vibration on the left

and wattage on the right some other

options that can come in useful

are line color which changes the

color of the axis line if i change this

to red

then we'll be able to see it when i

launch display grid

grid lines if i uncheck this then the

horizontal gridlines will disappear

gridline color again i'll change this to

pink just so we can see what it looks


then we have label format so this is for

the numbers

and you can add either

a preset so thousands for instance

although this is the default so i'm

going to change it to

percent or you can add

your own format

using the format here i won't go into

detail in this bit

in this video you can change the label


so i'm going to change this to green you

can change the range start and end

so for this i'll say 0 for the range

start and 10

for the range end and you can change the

tick interval so this is the

lines between each so i'm going to

change this to

now we can save and launch and we'll see

the settings here so

the axis color was red the labels were


percentage is applying now so 1 becomes


2 becomes 200 etc

and the grid lines are pink of course

you wouldn't do this to an actual grid

you would probably do something much

more beautiful

let's say we wanted to add another pane

so i'm going to add another two series

in here

and i want to put them on a different

pane to add another pane

we can go in appearance and then scroll

down to panes

and then click plus to add another one

so i've added another pane let's go into

the new series that i've added and

change the pane to those so we have

pain second pain and then

again for the pressure pain second pane

let's save and launch

as you can see there are now two panes

we have the first pane

with the originals so we've got the


and the motor vibration and the two axes

are on this pane

because we only have series on this pane

that use this

wattage axis and on the second pane we

don't have

any series that uses the wattage axis so

it won't be

applied this has been how to use panes

and axes

on the chart

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