Style Manager

When a Block is selected, it can be styled under the 'Block Styling' tab in the Toolbox. Styling can include changing the text color, background color, borders, typography, or dimensions of the Block. This allows you to customize the look and feel of the application based on themes or color palettes for your specific organization. You can also customize the style of certain actions such as hovering over or clicking a button, or changing the style for every second Block.
A Block can also be assigned to a style group where a common set of styles can be configured and applied to multiple Blocks at the same time.
Certain Blocks such as content cards or cards that are dragged onto the canvas already have pre-existing style groups, such as grids. These will show up under the 'Style Group'.
If you have a Style Group selected and make changes to any of the styling configurations, the styling will automatically be applied to all the Blocks that are also in that style group. For example, if two grids have a style group called box-card, and you select only one of the grids and change the background to light blue, that change will also be applied to the other grid.
To make changes without affecting other blocks, deselect the style group and make the changes.
You can add multiple style groups at a time. If a Block has multiple style groups and you only want to apply styling to one of them, make sure only that style group is selected when configuring new styles.
If multiple style groups are selected and the styling is changed, the styling will be applied to both of them together. For example, if you have two style groups, box-card, and lightgreen, and you apply styling to both of them, that styling will only be applied to Blocks that have both box-card and lightgreen style groups.


Styles can also be configured for different devices. See the Devices article for more details on devices.

Style Sections


The General section contains style options that pertain to how the Block is positioned and displayed.


Flex Layout



CSS Property
Background Color
Border Width (Top)
Border Width (Right)
Border Width (Bottom)
Border Width (Left)
Border Style
Border Color
Border Radius (Top Left)
Border Radius (Top Right)
Border Radius (Bottom Left)
Border Radius (Bottom Right)
Box Shadow


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