Part2 How To Manage Complex Operations In Real Time Using Composable Digital Twins

In this section, we discuss why having a Common Operating Picture is critical to a successful Digital Twin strategy for managing complex operations. We also discuss the difference between reactive...


In this section, we discuss why having a Common Operating Picture is critical to a successful Digital Twin strategy for managing complex operations. We also discuss the difference between reactive... so what problem is XM Pro solving for us

real-time operations is real every day

your business is exposed to more and

more internal and external events that

need to be responded to

in real time and these events can come


the actions of people in your business

the actions of your competitors

customers legislators suppliers

equipment that break down process

failures severe weather events the

operational intelligence that you gather

from all the other business systems that

you have all the other data sources and

web services

and currently we've seen the influx of

information from internet of things with

sensor-based or smart device or

machine-borne data as part of this

Village of information that come at you

now how you respond to these events is

really the key

and the value of real-time information

that you receive on when things are

happening or likely to happen and

depreciate over time so when you know a

certain condition exists you have

limited time and depending on what it is

what the event is that time span that

you have to to respond to it very so you

want to be notified when these things


now for us event intelligence is that

ability to still impact the outcome of

the event so typically as you see here

the sand still flowing before it lands

and it settles then it becomes business

intelligence then I can do reporting on

what were my failures what were the

losses what we're trying to do with

event intelligence and the problem that

X and pro is solving is how do we how do

we impact the outcome of an event by

having the ability to intervene now this



very straightforward but why is this odd

it requires subject matter experts to

understand have the knowledge and

context of the problem that needs to be

solved in real time then you need to be

able to

do the data engineering bring that

real-time data in do the orchestration

before you can create an application of

that in terms of a digital twin or a

application that can that can inform you

of the event that's happening and most

organizations have a challenge just

putting these three foundational things

together when we talk to operations

managers what we hear they say is they

just don't want to be blindsided by

business events or operational events

and this is not just in a certain area

but it's actually it spans across all

the areas in terms of the actual

production manufacturing processes the

asset health and performance

the environmental safety risk people in

HR processes and more and more Supply

chains all these events and the

combination of events causes a real

headache now this is where a common

operating picture provides information

at all levels of the organization to be

able to address that what we also hear

is that they want to reduce their

Reliance on third parties to create this

competitive Advantage because their

subject matter experts in the business

have a deep understanding of how it

works and most of the technologists

reliability Engineers automation


geophysicists people like that the the

technical business technologists

have more and more technical skills they

are technologists

so what you want to do with them is

given the ability to take some templates

and blueprints and expand on those to

create this so for that you want you

really want the no code application

composition kind of approach for those

subject matter experts they don't have

to code but they understand exactly what

they want to create and do that in a

composable fashion the last thing we

hear they say is that they want to

digitize and automate event response so


the real objective is to be able to

bring all of the data from all these

different systems that you already have

in the business without ripping and

replacing them and automating that so

that there's Real Time Event detection

and response and this needs to be scaled

out in a large complex organization so

for that again you would want no code

integration with the orchestration and

automation capabilities now this is

where composable digital twins enable

you to actually create that event-based

common operating picture at scale

the notion of a common operating picture

actually comes from emergency and

natural disaster response as well as

from the military we're at a strategic

tactical and operational level everyone

looks at the same data but from a

different perspective so it's all the

same data at the same at the different

levels but different perspectives on how

this is used

and the common operating picture from at

the Strategic level may have a higher

level in just in terms of kpis and

monitoring across a broad range at a

tactical level it's more of a planning

a lens that is applied in operational

level it is what is happening on a in a

very specific area around a specific

asset or production process


and you want that common operating

picture to be agile so that you can

change it as your business strategy or

some of the business conditions change

you need to be able to do that quite

simply and you want to you also want it

to be composable and maintained by your

own smes and bring in the data from all

the systems that you already have to

give you automated prescriptive

recommendations making sure that

different people have the same

actions on the same data set so great

consistency across the organization and

being able to capture the knowledge from

experts in your business and in future

support that with AI and machine

learning and this will enable you to

close the loop on actions it will

provide a very consistent way of dealing

with certain events happening in a by

providing prescriptive recommendations

and a key aspect is that you can

actually use this to create a

self-validating digital twin that

continuously Monitor and validate as it

sits now how this common operating

picture fits into you in most typical

organizations you already have assets

that have sensors scada plc's all of

that there's hundreds of different

systems in your business already

historians erps all sorts of operational

databases and we're seeing emergence of

AI and machine learning tools and a

whole bunch of other third-party

applications and what you're trying to

do is manage that through people

processes and Technology automation that

you may already have so how you respond

to that when things happen now

the first part as we mentioned in the

event intelligence part is being able to

take the data in from all of these

different systems how do we take the

signals the data all of that into

and take the millions of data points and

reduce it to the the key events that we

are looking for whether production

events asset

health events or ESG and other risk

based events as well so how can we take

all those signals provide context to it

and then use that and give few events

that we've that we've identified that

event intelligence create that common

operating picture at the Strategic

tactical and operational levels all the

same data nothing upwardly filtered to

make it look better when it gets to the

highest level everyone looks at the same

data by different lenses and this

provides the real operations

intelligence or the common operating

picture that enables people processes

and automation to actually deal with

that event response and the disruption

management that is associated with that

the other big benefit of using a a tool

like X and pro to create a common

operating picture is you can bring

prescriptive or you can create

prescriptive recommendations for at all

levels in a very consistent way you can

also bring in alarms and alerts from

other systems into this common operating

view again to make sure that

recommendations are consistent across

the business

so XM Pro in itself well the the this

enables you to empower your your

smartest people to pull the the value

levers that align with your your

business at all levels it reduced the

risk of being blindsided by key business

events that are happening or likely to

happen and it improves accountability

and close the feedback loop that

provides availability visibility and the

opportunity for learning

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