Part 3 How To Manage Complex Operations In Real Time Using Composable Digital Twins

In this chapter, we discuss the importance of composability when it comes to building a digital twin strategy for your business.


In this chapter, we discuss the importance of composability when it comes to building a digital twin strategy for your business. example itself is a digital twin

composition platform that accelerates

operational and situational awareness

and we do this in a now code fashion for

those industrial business technologists

to be able to create a common operating

picture composable digital twins that

are more complex and then real-time

event intelligence applications

and we do this


as a business capability to to help with

Cipher green and more responsible

industrial operations and doing it

faster so that there's a there are

higher efficiencies and economic return

for everyone in the ecosystem and

talking about the ecosystem

in the specifically in large complex

environments there is a ecosystem of

existing applications and the role that

XM Pro fulfills in this is is

orchestrating and providing the

composition from all of these different

systems to create that composable

digital twin that that will give you a

common operating picture so

bringing in or not it's not replacing

and ripping and replacing all any of the

systems that you have but it's more

around how do we integrate and and

orchestrate the information and

capabilities from the different systems

now this application composition

approach is not a new thing and it's

for example this is positioned or or

this is from Gartner on creating



composable applications for the type of

industries that or the type of

applications that we see in large-scale

industry and this consists of an

integrated data fabric at the bottom

coming from multiple data sources but

there's this notion of a composition

platform that handles integration

orchestration ux development and you

have packaged business capabilities that

sit within

this that you can reuse so leak

detection or credit fraud or things like

that these are all package capabilities

that you can reuse and some of them

might be application based some of it

might be process based some of them

might be might be data type package

business capabilities but that enables

you to grade

what is the what they refer to as

composed application experiences what

we've done at XM Pro we've taken this


and turn that into composable digital

twins so xampro is a composable digital

twin platform and help enables you to do

integration composition orchestration

the development side and also the ux for

a whole bunch of capabilities and in our


the typical data types or physics-based

models analytics iot transactional

systems visual data and master data that

is all combined to be able to create

these type of composed digital twins

that provide a common operating picture

for example on on that long conveyor

predictive maintenance or first pass

yield optimization or intelligent

building energy optimization and we do

that with our data stream designer and

with our application designers the two

main components to be able to compose

these digital twins in a no code way

that are also explainable

and can be deployed at scale the

approach around uh

reusing capabilities is very similar to

what you see with the building bricks

that kids might play with in this

example I can break this apart and for

example build I off-road 4x4 vehicle

reusing many of the parts I might have

to add one or two others and I might be

left with a few ones afterwards but this

ability of composing and reusing Parts

is really how the composable digital

twin enable you to create a common

operating picture at scale

the way that we do that at XM Pro is

really in three steps the first one is

to create those data streams in a visual

drag and drop way and integrate to a

larger library of integration

endpoints that we have and then the next

part is to provide the visualization of

that in real time for the operations

this is where the common operating

picture gets visualized but the probably

one of the more important parts is how

do we make sure that we can action what

comes out of that in a consistent Manner

and that's where the XM prior

recommendation engine comes in

this is a quick overview of exam Pro and

how we deliver a common operating

picture using a composable digital twin

framework to enable you to run your

business in real time making better

decisions faster

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