Part 1 How To Manage Complex Operations In Real Time Using Composable Digital Twins

In this video we cover our introduction and case study, looking at what happens when a Composable Digital Twin strategy is effectively implemented - in this example we look at one of our mining...


In this video we cover our introduction and case study, looking at what happens when a Composable Digital Twin strategy is effectively implemented - in this example we look at one of our mining... welcome to this overview presentation on

xmpro's event intelligence tools that

help you manage complex operations in

real time at scale XM Pro enables you to

create a common operating picture that

informs you of what business events are

happening or likely to happen and put

you in control of how you respond to

these events that impact your operations

I'd like to start with an example of an

XM Pro customer who got this right

This Global Mining Company reduced

underground conveyor downtime for a

specific failure mode by more than 70

percent and as a result I gained 184

hours of additional production equating

to about 44 000 product tons for this

particular mine all this happened one

mile underground and XM Pro provides a

common operating picture for 52

conveyors covering more than 50 miles or

80 kilometers of underground tunnels

this common operating picture is a

simple London Tube map star

representation of the underground

conveyor system at the start of the

project the XM Pro recommendation engine

identified many high and medium severity

events that needed to be responded to

before the motor protection would trip

and stop the the conveyor system

five months later the picture changed

drastically there were only a handful of

medium severity events and the

maintenance planners had more than

enough time to address these in advance

the overall time to resolve new events

decreased drastically from 556 hours to

276 hours as reliability Engineers now

spent more time during the initial

investigation phase which has gone up

from 1 hour 46 minutes to 12 hours 42

minutes these Engineers now have the

right data to address the real causes of

downtime at the right time

not only did they manage to address

downtime of the conveyors for specific

root causes but they extended this

common operating picture to underground

borers and in the following six months

they added pumps crushes fans and some

money some management oee kpis to the

operating picture

with the XM Pro digital twin composition

platform that could add capabilities

incrementally as they built out new

event intelligence

that the common operating picture

provides this includes adding computer

vision to detect splice failure on the

conveyors for example

by also combining the conveyors with the

Boris and the Hoist they created an

underground digital twin that provides a

real-time common operating picture of

the crucial and critical subsurface

operations with prescriptive

recommendations that provide a

consistent response to events that are

happening or are likely to happen

the leadership of the company saw the

fact that their own Engineers were able

to compose this operational view

themselves as the real digital

transformation that they were seeking it

provides them with a competitive

advantage that drastically improves


it further enables them to add

additional capabilities to existing use

cases in an incremental way to create

composite or system digital twins

combining the conveyor in the borers as

a basic underground digital twin

provides a common operating picture of

the combined assets that form a key part

of the underground operations

the example common operating picture

delivers greater than 10x return on

investment in the first year and the

time to value for the first use case was

less than 30 days it also enabled the

business to capture expert knowledge as

part of the process and currently it's

processing about 42 million messages a

day which equates to about 340 million

data points so significant scaling from

that perspective

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