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Learn how you can implement real-time condition monitoring in weeks with our end-to-end solution in partnership with MOVUS and Rizing. To book a discovery call, send an email to


Learn how you can implement real-time condition monitoring in weeks with our end-to-end solution in partnership with MOVUS and Rizing. To book a discovery call, send an email to a large mining organization had 41

hours of monthly downtime on their

mainline conveyors

due to issues with specific components

we helped them reduce the downtime

from 41 hours to only one hour per month

for those failure modes we unlocked an


44 000 product tons in less than four


since starting the project the downtime

on the 80 kilometers of mainline

conveyor had a serious knock-on effect

on their operations

and if the conveyors weren't working

that meant that the borrowers couldn't


either and many of their downstream

assets became under-utilized

by deploying an end-to-end condition

monitoring solution to manage their

conveyor health in real time

they achieved a significant reduction in

downtime on critical assets

their reliability team can now identify

issues weeks in advance

and deal with them proactively since the

success of this project they've deployed

similar applications for multiple types

of rotating equipment to scale the

impact across their organization

do you want to reduce asset downtime

through real-time condition monitoring

we understand that tackling this type of

project can be daunting

you need to find the right mix of

hardware software

and services vendors to each provide

their part of the solution

and implementing a project like this can

often take 12 months

or more before you can measure roi

figuring out how to integrate your

different systems can end up adding

significant cost and delays to your


and once your solution is deployed you

could end up with too many distracting


that don't result in actions you need to

analyze the noise and

integrate the real alerts into your

existing systems

to ensure that your reliability teams

complete the work in time

to solve this problem we've combined

innovative sensors from movis

with xm pro's proven digital platform

and ryzen's unparalleled expertise in

sap eam

to help you deploy end-to-end real-time

condition monitoring

that shows value in six to eight weeks

how does it work we collect real-time


noise and vibration data using wireless

easy to deploy mobis fit machine sensors

that attach magnetically to your


no specialist is required and data is

captured from the moment you connect the


xm pro's data stream designer lets you

harvest data from your movis sensors

and other data sources using a library

of pre-built connectors

the data stream will then publish that

data to a custom

xm pro app that gives your engineers


into the real-time health of your


when data from the mova sensor goes

outside a certain threshold

xm pro will trigger a recommendation to

drive actions

the prescriptive recommendation will

show your subject matter experts

the real-time event data as well as work

instructions and helpful resources

working with rising's team of eam

experts you can then automatically

create a work notification in your sap

eam system

from within a recommendation in xmpro

the notification will then follow the

normal work management processes

and pass the completed data between


this closes the loop and ensures that

your real-time data

translates into timely actions that

drive roi

how does a typical project work the

project starts by diagnosing the bad

actors and root causes for failures

across your assets in a day virtual


the next step is to prioritize use cases

based on their

impact and technical feasibility we also

outline the scope

and identify key success criteria for

the project

in the third phase we commission the

movis fit machine sensors

and design the data stream and real-time


using xmpro's low code platform

rising's team of experts will ensure

your integration to

sap eam is working smoothly we'll deploy

the solution to production

and start monitoring the results once

we've proven the initial value we can

work on refining the solution and

scaling it across multiple asset types

with this end-to-end real-time condition

monitoring approach

you can significantly reduce your asset


and by leveraging the combined

technology and expertise from the teams

at movis

rising and exon pro you can start seeing


within six to eight weeks watch the demo

video to see the solution in action

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