How To Use Calendar Xmpro App Designer

In this video, you’ll learn how to configure a calendar in the XMPRO App Designer.

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In this video, you’ll learn how to configure a calendar in the XMPRO App Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO apps? Send an email to

Go to if... welcome to another training video from

exam pro

today we'll be looking at calendar and

how to use it in app designer

the calendar control can be found under

the basic category or we can search it

from the search text box

now we can check it to the box that we

want to display

and we save it as this it shows you the

default layout

of the control

the calendar control have three buttons

on the top

arrow buttons on the left and right for

you to navigate between different ones

and a similar button in the middle

so when you click on it we change the

field from month

to year year to decade

decade to century

and also we can zoom back in by clicking


button underneath

now i will show you the configuration of

the calendar control

under appearance you will see the

visible option that would be the same as

the other

app designer controls the show today's

button when you check on it

it will add a button on the calendar


when the users select that button

it would directly select today's day

you can also change the default zoom

level to be displayed in the launcher as

well as the minimum zoom out level and

the maximum zoom in level

so now we can change the zoom level to


we normally send our level to that k

and the maximum change level to you

we can also specify two tips for this

control so when the user whoever depends

on the control we display the test is

specified here

now you see the calendar control no

longer dislike the days of the month

but it will display the month of the

year and when you click on the zoom out


you're no longer getting to the central

level and when you try to zoom in you no

longer go into the multiplier

and now if you want the user only able

to specify to select the date range

specified date range

we can specify under the behavior so we

can specify the minimum and the maximum


so we can select the first of september

up till to 30th of october

we can also change the date

change the first day of the week

from sunday to any day of the week

and change it to monday if you don't


the user to be able to select the date

and navigate

between different months we can change


option to true for disabled if you just


don't want the user select any date from

the calendar we can

change the bit only option to true

in here we can also specify

the selected value it can be either a

static value

or find it into a variables

and now we change the maximum level back

to months

launch it you will see the user can no

longer select any date outside

september and october and when we zoom


september you will see the first day of

september has been selected

also when we want to disable any

individual dates

we can go into the properties again

we can specify

the dates we want to disable

and we can also change the merge of the

disabled dates to dynamic data source if


want to the dates coming from the data


and now we'll see 14 of september has

been disabled

and this is how we configure the content


thank you for watching


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