How To Manage Agents Xmpro Data Stream Designer

Learn how to manage agents in the XMPRO Data Stream Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO data streams? Send an email to

Go to if you want to...


Learn how to manage agents in the XMPRO Data Stream Designer.

Need help with creating your XMPRO data streams? Send an email to

Go to if you want to... welcome to another training video from

Excel pro in this video we will be

looking at how to manage agents in

downstream designer and all the IP

functions that go with it

so when you log on to - string designer

you will notice that on the left side

here in the menu there is an option for

agents since agent management is related

to IT your admin may or may not have

given you access to this but provided

you have access he will give to click on

it and then look at this list where you

will see all the agents that are

uploaded or added to your company they

will be grouped by their types as you

can see over here I have agents grouped

into action agents machine-learning

compass provide context providers

functions etc you can overhear drill

down into a certain agent and look at

its name description type etcetera most

of these properties here will be

read-only as they are controlled by the

package that you upload however you can

still come in and change certain items

like category if you need to you can

also add some tags like or database etc

and lastly you will notice that there is

a version history coming up where you

can see which version was uploaded when

and along with that you can also see a

bit of account that basically tells you

where this agent is being used and at

how many of the use cases it is being

used at so at the moment I have one use

case who was using this agent particular


an important point to note is that this

count is gone only going to be for the

use cases you have access to if other

users in your company are using agent

email have those counts reflected here

because we don't have access to those

use cases to process your changes you

can simply click on save and then close

the little done next if you want to

upload a new version of an agent you can

do so by clicking the Add button and

then over here uploading the package

which you would have received from

XM Pro or your administrator if I do


it is going to upload the fault and then

give me certain options in terms of

explaining what the agent is and what

the subscription might be and then

lastly I can choose what is another

category that if it must go in and if I

save it that will then be added as a new

version on top of the existing ones as

you can see now if I need to delete

certain versions I can do that by

clicking on the delete versions button

over here and I can either choose a

certain version or choose all of them

and to be deleted however if the system

will not let you delete a version which

is being used by you or any other user

in your company if you want to bulk the

beat or manage your agents over here you

can select this checkbox option here and

that will then display check boxes over

here which will then allow you to select

multiple agents and then delete them


lastly a bit of advanced function is

that if you want to upload bulk in bulk

your agents so maybe you're setting up

the site fresh and you will upload all

of them together so you can upload a zip

file which which can be simply as file

which contains multiple of those XMP

falls as you can see over here and if I

upload that it will give me the option

for each agent to choose which category

it should end up in once I do that I can

then upload all of them in one go so

that's how you manage a agents in that

string designer

thank you so much for watching

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