Xmpro Internet Of Things Demo

This is a short demo that shows how XMPro integrate smart devices in the "Internet of Things" with intelligent or smart business processes.

See http://xmpro.com/xmpro-iot/ for more information...


This is a short demo that shows how XMPro integrate smart devices in the "Internet of Things" with intelligent or smart business processes.

See http://xmpro.com/xmpro-iot/ for more information... this is a short presentation on how

exempt broken egg business processes to

smart devices and the Internet of Things

at the end of the video there is a link

to a white paper where we explain the

architecture and move the steps that we

show in the demo well start off by

accessing the device itself through its

own internal software the onboard

software and in this instance we connect

to the device and it'll start reading

data and lock that to our X and private

time series data base that sits in the

cloud by adjusting the dials on the

device itself we now simulate the

environment and in this instance we've

set alert at 85 degrees the guides on

the left is reading temperature and once

it exceeds the level of 85 it actually

creates a new task which said a cry

triggers alert in the database and that

creates a new task inside XM pro now all

those data points in this instances or

saved every six seconds to the time

series data base that's set in the cloud

we will now access X and pro in this

instance Keith Miller receives an email

from the from the from the system with

alert and there's a group tour so there

might be multiple people doing this and

this instance Keith will log in you'll

see that it's a file out of a shutdown

value and it's a temperature that is

triggered this and by assigning this

task to himself it will remove it off

the other people who are on the service

team or team that can respond to this

this is a typical XM proform and in this

instance we showing the information from

the time series data base on the screen

what you'll see is that alert point is

the one on the right hand side that's

the one that triggered this specific

response yeah they want the spike cause

the task to be started informations also

match to the back end so the erp system

the asset management system so that we

know exactly which device we're looking

at nice thing is we can connect back at

this point in thumb onto the device so

we can get more information and once

again any changes or anything that

happens on the device immediately

available the nice thing is we can now

look at the temperature with some of the

other sensors that are on the device

itself next we want to control some of

the things on the device itself so we

want to switch things off we want to

switch things on we want to change

values move my for example want is to

set the temperature on an air

conditioning unit or switch or change

the dosage on a small dosing pump for

agriculture or something like that so we

can also access device from within XM

pro now when we get 2x and pro

functionality itself around handing

handling tasks there's a couple of

there's a couple of predefined talks but

I want to start an ad hoc task at this

point in time I want to I want them to

have a look at the maintenance schedules

that we currently have against this and

potentially review them or change them

now this is what we call an ad hoc task

it's not a predefined task and I can

link it into the order trial or history

or transaction history of the Sun now

this will put I task on Tim's to-do list

nexus for him to review this so it's a

physical task that now appears for him

and looking at the data that I see there

that spike in the graph I might even

want to have a discussion with one of my

peers with a supplier specialist or

someone like that and that isn't this is

not a task but it's a discussion so we

have some collaboration instead of

breaking out into email I actually do it

from within eczema and I have the full

so history of that so if I look at the

history you can see the audit trail

where the alert started there's an ad

hoc task there's a discussion and as we

step through this this work and we add

additional work items to it it will

build up the order trial and inside the

order trial I can see the discussion for

example next we will be able to do

specific tasks and those thoughts can be

integrated like the the work order can

be integrated into the ERP system or any

one of the other back in systems that we

may have this is a very quick

demonstration if you want more

information there's the white paper

refer to or contact us

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