Xmpro The Social L...

This video will introduce you to the Social Listener and demonstrate how XMPro can help you to proactively manage your clients and employees.

Join Pieter van Schalkwyk, MD of XMPro and Gavin...


This video will introduce you to the Social Listener and demonstrate how XMPro can help you to proactively manage your clients and employees.

Join Pieter van Schalkwyk, MD of XMPro and Gavin... great thank you for joining us for this

uh webinar I'm not sure that we'll um

use an hour of your time but um

hopefully what we're going to show you

today is new and Innovative in the um

social BPM space the social BPM world so

it's all about um what is social BPM and

why should you care we're only going to

look at one aspect of social BPM today

there's there's a number of components

to social BPM it's all around how do you

work in the process space where um

there's conversation either internal

external whatever the case might be uh

right now with a social listener today

we're going to show you one example of

how you can use x and proo in your

business to enhance social BPM so the

topic of today is what is social BPM and

why should you care so I thought just

before we go into showing you uh how we

do it in XM proos just to give you some

some background to the reason why we

build this listener and um what our

objective with it is I'm just going to

jump into some of

the so I'm just getting my keyboard


cool so um in terms of of of social be

M there's a couple of it's it's quite a

large area and um if you listen to

Gartner um at the recent Garden it Expo

where where we were listening to

analysts like Jim siner Elise aling

there's are there's there's a lot

happening around integrating social

conversations into the BPM world or

business Process Management World

workflow world or whatever you want to

call that so uh some of the the the the

areas that they cover or where where

they see the the benefit and advantage

of social BPM is when uh we talk about

process Improvement so this this is

collaborative design where there's a

whole lot of people and we we actually

use to tools and Technology to to help

with um how do we make the process

better so that's one area of social BPM

the other one is when we have

discussions inside the transaction so

when a transaction or a workflow is

happening a process is is happening

um that there's actually conversations

and discussions going on which

traditionally was done by email or a

whole number of other communication

channels um that that is now brought

into the social BPM sphere as well and

then the other one is when there are

people talking to others on social

networking sites and that's the one that

we're going to focus on today so social

BPM is quite a large area in the BPM uh

uh BPM space

today we're just going to focus on on

the social networking sites how how do

we actually integrate some of those

conversations that might be external to

our organization and they don't have to

be in actual fact if you use tools like

yamama social card things like that

there's a lot of conversations

internally in

organizations that

um that uh sorry there's um just some

questions coming in um so you you can

use tools like um social uh social cost

Yama those sort of things to monitor

internal as well today we're going to

talk a little bit about out outward

facing um processes where we actually

want to monitor some of the discussions

that happen or conversation that people

have um around us on on these social

networking sites and the best example of

what this means is actually something

that John Hayes the chief marketing

officer of American Express said where

he said consumers are in the midst of a

convers ation that isn't ours the race

is on to grow ears to listen to what

they are saying to me that encompasses

everything that we're trying to do with

the social listener and trying to

integrate that into how we do business


um there's a whole lot of conversations

going on around uh us our competitors

Our Brands or whatever the case might be

and to grow ears to learn what they are

saying is actually a great way of

describing what this social listener

does I thought that was a very apt

description so the image that we've got

here of the of the of the water cooler

Um this can be internal to organization

or external there are conversations

happening right this moment around your

business your product your um your

competitors the market space that you're

in that right now you are not privy to

that you don't um actively or that

you're not actively involved in but you

have the ability to to to capture some

of those conversations and and start

using it in your business and that's the

value that we'd like to show you

today so when we look at social

networking I just quickly had a look at

Wikipedia um the whole social media

social networking sit um and what

technically what it is it's just

webbased and mobile technology that turn

communication into an interactive

dialogue and once again to me those are

the the critical components the fact

that it in that it's Interactive

a lot of companies don't interact now

it's one way communication there's a

whole lot of people using these

web-based and mobile technologies to

have conversations to each other and

they also have conversations around your

business and your products and uh the

idea is to become interactive into that

to actually interject yourself into that

com uh that part of the communication

and either grab hold of some of them

manage some of them or use the

opportunity for for some of them so if

we look at what the social networking

thing means I think a lot of people

think it's just people talking about

themselves what did I have for breakfast

what time am I dropping off the kids um

know just all all of the personal stuff

that gets shared on sites like Twitter

Facebook um and all the social

networking sites those are probably the

two biggest when when it when it's all

around what am I doing then there's some

conversations around business talking

about themselves

so um businesses currently use social

networking sites uh Facebook pages

Google+ Pages um Twitter accounts all

sorts of things once again to

communicate out to to users uh or or to

to to Consumers and customers and uh

even internally to employees to to to

tell them what they're doing to to talk

about themselves but the more critical

one for me right now is actually people

talking about businesses so so when

someone is having a conversation about

you um to someone else using this this

new Communication channel uh or or and

actual fact this whole platform or or

whole array of of communication channels

that they currently use to talk about

you um and have discussions around your

customer service your competitors the

pricing um and maybe some some

opportunities that are out there uh as

well around your business so that is

probably the the the area that um that

at the moment gets the least attention

but it's got the biggest impact so if we

look at people talking about themselves

I just want to take a minute and and

just look at um typically what that

means and for those of you who who know

Twitter very well and know exactly how

it works um I'm just going to quickly

give uh the people who don't know that

um just a little bit of a

of a of

a overview on

um on actually what something like

Twitter is so if we take the famous Mr

Ashton kusher who is currently in Two

and a Half Men and he's also ex Mr U

Demi mu

or um there's a lot of conversations

that he's having with people now the

interesting thing is he's got 8 and a

half million followers worldwide so

whatever Ashton says eight and a half

people get eight and a half million

people get onto their on um on their

version of this form

um in actual fact there's something I

want to

do just before I um I actually want to

open up my Twitter account and actually

just go and quickly write something

about this so I'm going to go into here

and say Ash XM



and I'll show you the reason why I'm

doing this great


on social


right now so I'm just going to tweet

that and go back

to Mr Ashen Kusha who's got a lot more

followers than me um but some of the

things that you'll see here he's got 8

and a half million people the way that

you address him is using the AD Sign and

and and once again this is just a quick

101 on Twitter for because we're going

to use some of these examples um as we

as we look at the XM Pro social

listeners so the that means it's just

really to identify uh his username so

whenever there's a ad so whenever he

addresses someone back he'll use the ad

you can retweet so if you look at this

example he just made a comment here

around a music track on Spotify

um by this artist now there's 8 and a

half million people seeing that so it's

got a huge impact in terms of brand I'm

not sure how much they pay him to do

this if they if they do um but but you

can see in some of the conversations

that is happening there's Amazon now I

thought this one was pretty good um you

need something for your Christmas

shopping ideas may I suggest a yodling

pickle now I've never ever seen a

yodling pickle but I can tell you there

are thousand there are probably there

probably hundreds of thousands of people

going to Amazon to have a look at a

yodling pickle so this is the massive

impact that something like social

conversations can have if you're not to

on top of that social conversation just

imagine what the impact would be if

someone like Ashton mentioned your

product and you didn't even know about

it you would have a flat of traffic you

you'd have no um so how do you

anticipate if you're in that space if

you're in this retail space how do you

anticipate the influx of demand that's

going to have on your first place your

web servers um and maybe if you do sell

um a lot of these yodling pickles in

terms of your stockholding all of that

just one one tweet from someone like

Ashton can have a massive impact in in

organization um in terms of their

backend so that that's some of the

reasons why we'd like to to do um some

of the monitoring and listening and

actively turning that into into

processes so as you can see um the the

hashtag is used just almost as a search

um as a search tag so if you've got any

specific keyword that you would like um

to start gaining momentum on on on

Twitter um we use um and in actual fact

we we we'd love you to use hash XM Pro

um for for anything that that that you

discuss uh but if you if you want to tag

anything if you want to so in terms of

search and finding stuff on Twitter it's

actually not that hard yeah

you don't have to have the the hashtag

but if the hashtag is there it's it's a

very quick way um to identify things

that you want to to to um to create as

as as searchable words and so and you

will probably Now find that there are

hundreds of thousands of of of people

using the hash

Christmas um for ideas so if you were a

retailer you could actually monitor hash

Christmas for some of your product

mentions and and and see if there's any

activity around that so that is

essentially what a personal um user

would use they would write all sorts of

things some of them might be um his

interest in y yodling um pickles there's

um there's some most of the stuff that

he does is actually around the community

social um and uh but but as you can see

he's got a he's got a huge amount of

following and

um a massive it can have a massive

impact on on a brand for example if it's

mentioned by him so just uh very quickly

again so that is how you would have the

username identified this is how you

would have search tags identified and

then uh what a lot of people do is they

just retweet or you can reply and you

can also send direct messages I'm not

sure that Ashton is going to reply to

your direct me uh message but that is

essentially um what uh what a personal

user would use if if you're looking at a

business talking about themselves so

that's not a personal uh uh Twitter

account and someone talking about

themselves if I look at a at a at a

personal sorry at a business one if I

look at Quantas and the reason why I'm

using Quantas right now in Australia

Quantas is in all the headlines all the

time they've had major issues or um they

actually grounded their their whole

Fleet worldwide on a Saturday morning

and caused millions of people to tweet

because they actually couldn't get

through to um to their help desk they gr

they grounded the the whole worldwide

Fleet due to Industrial action at the

moment um they that they have very

high-profile company and that's why I

decided to use them this is not about

that this is not about um right now if

you have issues you can actually follow

that I had a dedicated Twitter account

so as you can see at qf um uh customer

care is actually what they currently

just use um at the moment challenge that

they have is it's only online in

Australian time so if I'm stuck stuck in

the US I still have a I still have a

problem um but this is typically what a

company would use to talk about

themselves this is exactly what we have

as X and pro we have X and pro one which

we which we um talk about

ourselves the the real challenge come in

when people are talking about your

business so if I look at Quantas again

and I go and search that Quantas hashtag

so the Quant search for you will see

there's a couple of people that have now

been that that are complaining because

they've been there for 30 minutes the

bags are not there um Karen Ferris is

saying it's the worst experience with

Quantas after 13 years now this is

someone that you would not like to go

and talk about that this is a loyal

customer who's been around for 13 years

um around the Quantas brand and now

she's really upset now knowing Airlines

there there might be other reasons and

and I must the reason the other reason

why I'm using Quantas is they are

actually quite proactive in following

this up you can actually see that

they've got a whole lot of Twitter

accounts and things that they use to

manage um some of this and they do

respond and they do have a team that

follow up on this but it just gives you

uh a view and this actually um I just

use the exm pro account so we have one

as well um you can go and sign up and

follow us on um hash sorry at XM Pro you

can you can find us there um but this is

really just to show the conversations

that are that are happening around your

brand and your business and these are

the ones that are critical that you may

want to monitor or or pick up on now

that was just for Twitter the challenge

that you have is that there's Twitter

there's Facebook there's YouTube there's

RSS feeds there's LinkedIn and there's

even emails and things that may come

into support so there's a whole there's

a multitude of channels where all this

information come in and it's really hard

to have a on it so what happens in most

organizations is that they Implement

what they call social media monitoring

so they they start listening for these

keywords like on us they would listen

for these keywords Brands usernames all

sorts of things like that and there are

quite a lot of monitoring tools out

there things that will listen for you so

it'll pick these things up um and a lot

of marketing but what happens in most

organizations it becomes the domain of

uh the public relations guys or the

market the marketing guys they need to

sit and check it every day and if you're

lucky they will respond larg

organizations like quas may have a

dedicated team that just sit and watch

watch Twitter um but you're still not

sure that everyone gets addressed um and

if I use the example of um of the um

worldwide uh grounding of the fleet that

Quantas had there were a lot of people

that just could not get through to help

discs they were stuck in certain places

and and it was unbelievable in how many

people actually went to Twitter to try

and you and and and that was that became

a instant Communication channel um where

they could where they could talk where

the actual conventional help disk

couldn't um cope with it but in a lot of

organizations this and and your

organization might be the same where um

the public relations guys say if if I

look at certain brands if I think about

people complaining about something on on

uh in our on one of our products or

unhappy or where they have a lot of

Praise because you actually want to grab

those testimonials as well um that at

the moment is the domain of the public

relations and the marketing guys um to

look at and make sure that they respond

and you need to make sure that they've

got the right tools now radian six is a

company owned by by by Salesforce and

they put out a 100 ways to use social

media monitoring um and I'm just going

to cover just some of them I'm not going

to go through all 100 ways just want to

explain or show you some of the examples

um that that they use and it's and it's

all around brand monitoring competitive

intelligence um looking at what is

around in the

industry some uh some thought leadership

things lead generation customer

service um looking at things that are

that you can use for search engine

optimization um crisis communication

product development so if I just look at

one of one or two of actual fact I think

there's three categories that we're

looking at just on these

um one of the most the the and the

reason probably why it's number one is

looking at online mentions of your brand

um the if you look at number five

something like discovering brand

Advocates trying to find those people

that that that that talk about your your

brand um the most popular topics around

your brand this is great information

that you can use for blog posts and

things like that um listening for

mentions of the executive team very very

important when there's certain people of

the executive team

um that are that are being talked about

you need to make sure that from a public

relations point of view that that is

also under control so this is all around

brand monitoring um as well and and you

can download the radian 6 um document

from from slideshare.net to search for

it um and you can actually go through

some of these the challenge that you

have with this is that there are no

actionable processes so you can see the

active verb here is listen listen learn

monitor to listen there's actually no

action being taken if we look at

competitive intelligence we want to know

something around what are what are

competitors launching what are the

what's the latest news around

competitors now this might not be

something that PR want to use this is

more for executive team so you want to

pass that on to the executive guys who

might be who who might be interested in

that you might might want to monitor

some specific employees in your

competitors their social profiles I'm

pretty sure there's some of my

competitors that are that would like to

do know some of the things I say on

social channels like LinkedIn uh and and

Twitter and I know that that some of

them actually follow um uh me on on on

on some of those

channels um you also want to know when

people are not happy with your

competitors and that needs to be passed

on to someone else in your

organization so that if we uh and once

again it's all around discover monitor

monitor there's actually no actionable

processes uh described here if we look

at custom customer service probably one

of the most used areas for for this it's

it's really around answering customer uh

questions you can there's a a lot of

companies that now use Facebook and the

discussions side of Facebook to actually

just answer questions you can resp you

can uh you can share company

information and um you can you can

actually respond to customer service

issues in real time that's the example

of quanas how good or bad they were

that's a separate discussion but the

fact that they could actually um and the

other key thing is at identify customer

service issues as they emerge I'm pretty

sure on that Saturday morning Quantas

had to put another thousand people onto

the onto their support desk to make sure

um that now how do you scale up and how

do you get that done quickly once again

no actionable processes coming out of

this the last one is um competitive

intelligence which um it's just a

different type of thing if you look at

your new product development side of

your business what do they want to know

they they want to know around

competitors launching new products they

want to know what people are thinking if

they're doing beta testing or they've

got uh some campaigns going out there

and just get customer feedback on that

um they want to listen to what people

are saying what is wrong with your

product so that they can add new

features now that that is something that

the pr guys would have no interest in so

picking up that sort of conversation it

may not get to the right new product

development guys in your business um so

once again no action able processes

coming out of

this what XM Pro is all about we we have

the ability to listen and action these

multiple channels so we call it we get

better at Social listening which is part

of our get better at getting work done

approach where if you look at how XM Pro

works one of the components the one at

the bottom is social based so a process

can either be can be started as a form

as a file time based and if you want

information on any of these um I'll take

you to our exm Pro Community uh at the

end of the presentation and just show

you where you can find some of this

information and some previous webinars

as well on some of that but if we look

at um the social listening we have a

social listener so one of the ways a

process can start is actually listening

for social events what then happens we

can put that onto someone's to-do list

on their action list on the the on their

work list on something that they need to

do and they can see that in Outlook

SharePoint in the browser on their

mobile phone so sometimes if you look at

the customer service ones you actually

may want to put it on someone's phone or

tablet device or whatever the case might

be once it's there there's a couple of

things that that we can do with it and

this is all standard XM functionality so

really all that we're introducing is

we've got the ability to listen and now

it goes into conventional Process

Management um when I say conventional we

have something unconventional which is

the whole dynamic routing so we can now

dynamically route and we'll show you

example of this as we as we show you the

social listening um what we can do is

also introduce the concept of social

discussions which is one of the other

legs of social BPM so we've got social

BPM in the actual um social listening

and then we can extend the social

capability by introducing discussions

into a process which is a quite a unique

concept um at this point in time we can

also integrate it to other applications

so for example when we find your hashtag

as your your at PVS and we know who you

are CU we got it in our CRM we can

actually populate all the rest of your

information um out of CRM in this

example Microsoft CRM or whatever

Salesforce or whatever you're using we

can bring that information and say this

is the rest of the information around

Peter it is great when you're doing

something like lead scoring where you

want to say well um there's been some

mention and Peter is mentioning

something around a certain product so

yeah he's in terms of lead scoring in

terms of his where he is on his journey

uh looking to buy some one of our prodct

product um we can add to that we can

apply business rules to that and we can

also do the normal notification

escalation notification escalation is

really critical in this area because if

someone replies and they have a problem

it's a customer service based issue you

actually want to be on top of it right

now and make sure that someone action it

immediately or in in within a a specific

um agreed service level um time and if

not we actually want to escalate it and

and get moving on it we can integrate

this into backend systems as I've

mentioned the CRM world or whatever um

it is and also we can we we can put it

in the cloud if you're interested in the

broader picture we have this available

um on our on our website for download

but this is the overall exm Pro picture

in this instance we take you from a

social listening point of view through

any one of our interfaces into Dynamic

routing and social discussions and

that's the example that we that we are

going going to show you so once again we

um we we can monitor multiple channels

whether it's uh tw Twitter Facebook

YouTube um our social listening ability

can actually listen across multiple

channels and there are a lot more than

this um I'm just using these these few

examples so it's not just at them we

we're going to show you how to how we

turn tweets into tasks um uh and then

into action and

um what we're going to show you is the

exm pro social listener so it's going to

start off there we're going to listen

for the exm pro hashtag and uh on on

Twitter and we then going to take that

into a exm pro based process you'll also

notice a new interface which I'll just

touch on once again we have additional

webinars and information on version six

so with that I'm going to just hand it

over to Gavin to uh Drive um I'll still

be talking


so that is um EX impro version 6 for

those of you that haven't seen that

before uh it's currently in beta we um

so I'm just going

to currently this is my task list so I'm

logged in as Keith Miller and you can

see um that now just as a matter of

interest when we were at the Gardner it

Expo on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks

ago we listened for the

hashtag uh hashgard Sim and we also

listened for um hash XM Pro we did it

live there and as people were were were

tweeting we were picking up those now um

just so as you can see my to-do list I'm

working in in one of the areas or what

it so the when we set up the listener we

can Define the rules so we can a

specific um keyword like hash X and pro

we can put on my to-do list if we find

um Hash Hash workflow suck um we can put

that on Gavin's to-do list so we can

have multiple so when we when we have

multiple words that or or or when we set

up the keywords that we listen for they

can actually be routed to completely

different people and that's the

opportunity that you have so the new

product development guys can listen for

something completely different than

start actionable processes to something

completely different to what the

marketing guys would be interested or

what the senior executive team might be

interested in so it'll put the relevant

task on your list in this instance um

just as a matter of Interest the one

that I tweeted as we started um it came

from me I said hash XM Pro great webinar

on social media so that was the the the

task that I started there's a couple of

things that I can do right right now


so for example because they can see it's

had Hash Hash pedvs one of the things

that you can do is actually go into now

we we haven't set that up um but what

you can do is just bring the information

from Microsoft CRM um to actually

populate the rest of my information so

whoever it goes on to know exactly who I

am what my mobile number is what my

email address is if all of that

information sits in

and there's some great tools out there

that will that will actually take um

this information and actually put it

into CRM for you and then you can expose

that information or use that information

in here so there's multiple things that

you can do in this instance we're just

going to type a comment because we're

actually going to send it um through to

the pr guys to do something um because

um because um because I was on the

webinar and I said it was a great

webinar so you can do that from a c so

if someone comments on your customer

customer service day or your customer or

anything like that in this instance I

said it was a great webinar what it now

did what we now did is we said get a get

a white paper off to this guy so Tim

Clark who's the next person in the

process has now got an

action so we're just going to log out

here and as you'll see we've got

multiple service providers in actual

fact we now have social service

providers we can log you in with

LinkedIn we can log you in with your

Facebook account or whatever the case

might be um so in terms of social

extension or social BPM as I said

earlier it actually extends um quite a

bit further than just um being able to

listen with um with uh Twitter but in

this instance so you'll see under my

to-do list there's a um under public

relations I'm Tim Clark so I'm now the

second person this has now come through

to me so it came through from Keith you

can see it came through from Keith and

we're just going to click on that one so

that's my my to-do list and when we look

at the history in terms of how it got to

me I can now see

um the information that was completed at

that um point in time and I need to

follow up with with a um a webinar to uh

that person what I may want to do at

this point in time uh is actually is

actually just enter into a into a

discussion so this is something new that

we've also added into into version six

but it's a it's a key part just so um so

just just go back one step go

so if you look at um we currently in

that um there's some there's uh PVS um

great webinar um and Gavin may just want

to put sorry Tim in this instance might

just want to F before he sends out the

webinar I think may want to have a

discussion around this you know which

one is it the right one is it the um do

I have the latest version of the white

paper so that's sort of something that

he may want to ask now this is an

unstructured component there it's just a

conversation so we introducing the

concept of the other dimension of social

BPM where we can actually introduce uh

collaboration into the actual

transaction the nice thing with this is

we can uh we store this as part of the

exm pro audit trial and we can actually

put reporting onto this to to to go and

have a look at these discussions and

then say what why why does Tim always

have to ask the

question um around do I have the latest

version of the white paper so we may

want to improve our process around white

papers so what he's done in this

instance he's now put in a a a

discussion and if I click on the

history you'll see that there's now a

discussion as part of the the order

trial and if if we open that up there

can be

um um the discussion can be directed at

a group or it can be directed at an

individual so all the the replies and

everything to that um now stored against


so that is essentially how we can listen

to a

incoming uh signal like a tweet or a

LinkedIn mention or a Facebook or

whatever the case might be and turn in

this instance how how we turn a a tweet

into a task and give the ability now

what you'll see on the right hand side

is also U multiple options multiple

buttons so in terms of dynamic routing

you might actually want you know the

there might be because of what this

specific tweet was all around there

might be uh there might not be a very

defined workflow in terms of how it's

going to carry on from here based on

what I read I may want to say I want to

just send feedback I want to assign I

want to assign the case to someone else

or we just I need to give this to the

customer service guys to carry on with

this so you can have Dynamic what we

call Dynamic routing uh so it doesn't

have to be a structure process which is

also one of the um elements of um of BPM

um in the

future so I'm going to ask Gavin to just

hand me back

the the

screen great so what we what we

demonstrated to you is that we have a


listener if I just go and so what we

demonstrated is that we have a social

listener we can put it on your task list

and then we can invoke any standard

process that you may have in your

organization and we can do it for multip

multiples of channels so we can take for

example in this example as we showed you

we can take a tweet we can listen for a

specific word and that there actually

the one that I that I typed in um as you

were watching my my my Twitter

account and we can turn it into a exm

prob based process that process um each

individual channel can go to a

individual uh in organization or a to a

group in the in organization it applies

all the conventional um good BPM

practices from there just like to um

also invite you to go and have a look at

the what the exm pro community so if I

just go to the I'm just going to go to

um if you go to exm pro.com if you need

more information around exm Pro and what

is in XM Pro there's a exm pro

community that you um where you can find

uh a whole lot of webinars and things

like that so if you go to our technical

webinars there's a whole lot of webinars

talking um around a whole number of of

um how to set all all of this up um

there's also a lot of feedback or or um

um discussions and things around

specific features or how to do specific

things so i' really like to invite you

to to have a look at that we also have

previous sales webinars there so so this

is a resource um for additional

information as well uh when you do sign

up for the first time if it is your

first time uh it will it will ask for um

authentication we've just had a lot of

people trying to get into this forum

from a spammer point of view um also of

weird and wonderful email addresses so

uh if you do log if you if you are

visiting it for the first time um it may

ask you for well it will ask you for

some information please bear with us

it's really to try and make sure that we

that we um that

we contain the spam that that uh that

that we typically find with these sort

of um

environments so if you go to community.

xo.com you can find um a lot of

additional resources ources on on XM Pro

there and I'd like to thank you for your

time that was the social listener I'm

not sure if there's any questions that

anyone may want to ask at this point in

time if not I suggest uh you can contact

us or one of our partners for more

information on this we quite happy to

show you um how this works we have a

version running in the cloud so um we

can quite easily show you how to work

thank you for your time and have a great



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