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Discover the future of predictive maintenance with XMPro's Intelligent Digital Twin Suite (IDTS). Unplanned downtimes can be a significant setback, leading to high costs and compromised safety....


Discover the future of predictive maintenance with XMPro's Intelligent Digital Twin Suite (IDTS). Unplanned downtimes can be a significant setback, leading to high costs and compromised safety.... unplanned downtime remains a big

challenge for asset intensive Industries

and Facilities that not only limit

output but result in high costs and


operations what if you can change from a

reactive way of working to predicting

when and how equipment will fail XM

Pro's model-based predictive maintenance

solution does just that XM Pro's

intelligent digital twin Suite or idts

integrates real-time sensor data with

maintenance and inspection information

in the data stream designer it is in

this workflow where XM Pro can combine

engineering calculations with Advanced

AI to create unique prescriptive

recommendations the app designer is the

command center where your reliability

Engineers maintenance planners and

maintenance managers have real-time

predictions and condition information at

their fingertips to make better

decisions faster imagine overseeing

multiple power facilities such as wind

farms for for

example understanding the health of each

facility at a granular level is

essential to optimize output across the

portfolio of assets with XM Pro idts

each site status asset health is

visually represented with colors

changing based on severity and

likelihood of failure and this isn't


Aesthetics it's Vital Information at a

glance with notifications pushed to the

right people when there are predicted

equipment failures let's take a closer

look at what happens at the asset level

in this asset view maintenance planners

and maintenance managers can view alerts

to work requests work requests to work

orders and the time taken to close work

orders from this view maintenance

managers can also see all of the

recommendations for each plant by

severity let's drill down to a specific

asset here is a win turbine with

real-time performance metrics and asset


information condition monitoring ident

identifies issues such as low oil level

while anomaly detection looks for

abnormal behavior all of these result in

recommendations that can automatically

be turned into service requests or work

orders or the star of root cause

analysis each recommendation that is

triggered can also include triage

instructions as well as various

analytics relating to this specific

recommendation as well as other

recommendations related to this specific

asset consider a processing plant it's

not just about ensuring that individual

machines are running it's about

maximizing efficiency across a plant

Factory or facility through XM Pro idts

defects and real-time anomalies become

visible allowing rapid intervention

across a portfolio of assets take this

pump for example with our sweet

predictive maintenance solution not only

can you track live data but also

forecast potential issues it can inform

the remaining useful life of the pump

based on a predictive model and it shows

all the contextual maintenance

information to make the best decision on

when to service repair or replace the

asset if you need a better view of your

asset you can utilize interactive 3D

models that can even drill down to the

individual component level in this view

you can easily identify where different

recommendations are being triggered from

XM Pro co-pilot brings the full power of

generative AI to your fingertips

get responses from llm Models such as

chat GPT or even train your model on

your internal data for highly customized

responses now that we have looked at the

app designer let's look at what we do

with all that data that's where the XM

Pro idts recommendation engine shines it

provides actionable datab back

suggestions it's like having a digital

consultant sifting through mountains of

data to offer you the best course of

action now for those most keen on

details our data streams are the

workhorses pulling from diverse data

sources cleaning data applying intricate

analytics and generating insights this

behind the-scenes process is what sets

XM Pro idts apart and for those

passionate about predictive modeling

there's more XM pro idts has AI tools

built right in this means that within

the platform you can refine and deploy

machine learning models no more toggling

between tools it's not just about having

a tool it's about

customization with XM Pro idts you can

set up intricate rules based on

real-time data ensuring alerts are

timely and relevant want to see data

your way use our robust page builder

tailor your dashboard to your unique

needs and if customization is in your

Forte we offer templates as a starting

point XM Pros predictive maintenance

solution built on our intelligent

digital twin Suite idts reduces

unplanned downtime in Machinery heavy

Industries with XM Pro idts you can make

quicker better informed maintenance

decisions shifting from merely reacting

to problems to anticipating them not

sure where to begin contact the XM pro

team to get started


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